I didn't choose to become an artist because I didn't really have a choice between anything. I never wanted anything else.

 I don't know why, there are no artists in my family. My parents took me to art school at the age of 10.

I have studied at the Latvian Academy of Arts, I was born in Latvia, where my career as an artist began. 

I have always been interested in black and white drawing, painting and illustration. I have worked a lot on animated films.

There have been times when I have felt that I would never do art again, but I have always returned after a short or long break. I don't know why, but I can't do without it.

One day I ended up in Denmark.I live and work in Copenhagen now.

A new stage in life and art. In my painting the new period began with blue color. I don't know why blue.

The color blue gives the mind a touch of calm and contemplation, but the color can also draw a psychological veil of cold and it is the dualism that inspires me.

But blue is also a symbol of sadness and loneliness and longing. There are many clichés and perceptions about the blue. 

Color is one of the most powerful tools of expression. Maybe you see nothing but the pure color but the most important and interesting part is where the color will take you. Color is a power which directly influences the soul.

In my art I would like to articulate something we’ve felt, and we connect to that thing in a way where words aren’t necessary. It’s a feeling that’s hard to describe but makes us feel less alone in a way—that someone else understands us and gives a voice to this thing inside us. Subject of my paintings might be state of mind rather than representing reality.

I keep on using colour to create an illusion of mental space on a canvas.






Living and working in Copenhagen , Denmark 

Born in Riga, Latvia




Art Academy of Latvia , Master of Fine Arts


Member of BKF (Billedekunstneres Forbund)

Member of ProoK (Foreningen for Professionelle Kunstnere og Kunsthåndværkerev)

Member of Latvian Artists ' Union 





2008     Artlab workshop To be noticed in the art market ,

             Danish Cultural Institute,Riga LV

2003     Braziers International Artists Workshop, UK 

2000     Workshop for professional animators, Copenhagen , DK 

1994     Foundation Artists' House Boswil, Switzerland




2011     PAINTINGS and LARGE-SCALE DRAWINGS, Art Gallery 21, Riga

2009     HAPPY END Gallery Maksla XO, Riga

2005     I WANTED TO BE A PAINTER I.Veihertes' Gallery , Riga

2004     IMPROVISATION Gallery Tifana , Riga 

2002     THE ZOO I.Veihertes Gallery , Riga

2000     BY PENCIL ON PAPER  Gallery Riga , Riga

1997     PAINTINGS Gallery Daugava , Riga 

1995     IMPRESSIONS. PAINTINGS Gallery Daugava , Riga

1994     PAINTINGS  Foundation Artists' House Boswil, Switzerland

1993     PAINTINGS Gallery G&G , Riga 

1992     PAINTINGS Gallery Kolonna , Riga



 2018   Østerbro Street Art project, DK   

 2015   Perspective of the Solar System,The Arsenals Exhibition Hall,LV

 2014   EPIDEMIC  Kunsthal Århus, DK  

 2012   WHERE IS MY AIRPLANE  Riga Art Space, Riga

 2011   Is It That He Does Not Seek The Truth, But Does Want To Influence?Riga Art Space, 

 2010   AUTUMN Recycled  Riga

 2010   BIG IN SMALL, Moscow,Moscow international Art Saloon

 2008   AUTUMN   Artists Union Gallery , Riga

 2005   AUTUMN   Artists Union Gallery , Riga          

            ART ON PAPER  Gallery Riga , Riga

            DRAWING Gallery XO , Riga 

 2004   MINIATURES Gallery RIGA , Riga 

 2003   PROOF Studio 1.1 London , UK 

            GROUP EXHIBITION Lildstrand , Denmark

            ART OF SMALL FORMS Gallery Riga , Riga

            LATVIAN ABSTRACT PAINTING Art  Museum Arsenals , Riga

            LATVIAN ART INVASION IN ESTONIA  Parnu,  Estonia 

2002    LATVIAN ART Kaunas ,Lithuania 

2001    TIME IN BETWEEN Art Museum Arsenals , Riga 

            RIGA 800 , Riga 

            DRAWING Gallery Riga , Riga

2000    SPRING 2000 , Art Museum Arsenals , Riga 

            MINIATURES Gallery Riga , Riga

            AUTUMN 2000 , Riga 

1999    MINIATURES Gallery Riga , Riga 

            AUTUMN 1999 Art museum Arsenals , Riga 

            DOCUMENTATION OF BOSWIL , Aarau , Switzerland

            LATVIAN ART EXHIBITION , Voipala , Finland

            GRUOP EXHIBITION Gallery Bastejs , Riga 

            MESSAGE ON THE POSTCARD Gallery Bastejs , Riga 

            GROUP EXHIBITION  I.Veihertes' Gallery , Riga 

1998    MINIATURES Gallery Riga , Riga 

            2.WORLD EXHIBITION OF LATVIAN ART Exhibition hall Latvia , Riga 

            AUTUMN 1998 Art Museum Arsenals , Riga 

1997    SPRING 1997 Riga 

            MELANCHOLY Bonn , Germany

            REMINISCENCE OF SUMMER Gallery Daugava , Riga 


            Latvian Art Museum , Riga 

            VILNIUS TRIENNAL Vilnius , Lithuania 

            23 ARTISTS FROM LATVIA Madrid, Spain 

            AUTUMN 1996 Exhibition Hall Latvia , Riga

1995    SPRING 1995 Riga 

            LATVIAN ART IN STOCKHOLM Stockholm , Sweden 

            LATVIAN ART IN DENMARK , Aarhus , Denmark

1994    EUROPE ART Geneva , Switzerland

            LATVIAN ARTISTS EXHIBITION Basel , Switzerland

1993    SPRING 1993 Riga 


            LATVIAN ORIGIN , Australia 


1992    LATVIAN ARTISTS Gallery Vartai , Vilnius , Lithuania 

            BEAUTIFUL PAINTINGS Gallery Daugava , Riga 

            AUTUMN 1992 Exhibition hall Latvia , Riga 

1991    THE THREE Gallery Daugava , Riga 

1990    SPRING 1990 Exhibition Hall Latvia , Riga 

1989    AUTUMN 1989 Exhibition Hall Latvia , Riga




2014  - 2017     Animation/documentary project My Favourite War

                         Bivrostfilm Norge

                         Background Artist Designer

2016                 Feature-length animated movie  Lotte and The Lost Dragons

                         Joonisfilm ,Estland

                         Background Artist Designer

2015                 Animation project Apple pie lullaby

                         RijaFilms , Riga,  Latvia

                         Background Artist Designer

2005 – 2012     RijaFilms, Riga, Latvia

                         Art director, Background supervisor,

                         Project manager, Background post processing,

                         Background artist/designer

                         Storyboard artist, Video design artist

                         Artists' assistant, colorist ,3D animation


2012                 Book illustrations   Lotte Trip to the South, Esti Joonisfilm

2006                 Book illustrations LOTTE FROM INVENTORS GARDEN, Esti Joonisfilm


2002 - 2003     Game Studio, Riga, Latvia

                        3D texture  artist

2001 - 2002     SIA Sybersoft, Riga, Latvia

                        3D texture  artist

1997 - 2001     RijaFilms , Riga,  Latvia

                        Artists' assistant, Artist Designer ,

                        Storyboard artist , Background artist /designer, 

                        CleanUp , inbetween


1991 - 1998     Milgravis Art School , Riga  LV

                        Drawing/painting teacher