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At that time, Latvian multi-artist and writer Juris Boiko wrote about Laima Puntule's  works, "" After all, what does one say about paintings that have no subjects, no images, no decipherable symbols and aparently no colours either, just dark crowded reliefs within the contours of spontaneous forms. How do you put them into words, when from the very beginning, air that is superfluous, ambiguous, unnatural and yes, artificial, has ben rejected. Rejected to free the space for colour. Colour that is difficult to see, difficult to interpret - at first sight everything looks black. Only on closer inspection does one come to admit that there is practically no black. There is however , the gleam of various lights.It is not even color, but sensation of color, the warmth radiated by the colour shimmers in the space of canvas, a radiation of various temperatures. Laima's pictures encourages one to imagine, that is sense the source (and not the likeness).""

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